Perlman Defense Client Reviews
If you're in a situation where you absolutely need legal help and a highly qualified, experienced and talented defense attorney, Daniel Perlman is the best out there. He's hard working, professional, answers all your questions and does everything in his power to make sure you have the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Daniel and his team!
Wendell P.
Daniel Perlman helped me in so many ways. I can't even put into words how thankful I am. Mr. Perlman is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. My felony DUI case dragged on for over a year and Mr. Perlman was always patient and reassuring. Whenever I had questions he answered them promptly and gave direction. I was facing up to 4 years prison time but, Mr. Perlman worked really hard on my behalf and turned my case to probation and classes. I am forever Grateful. The best attorney you will find!
Evelyn B.
One of the best lawyers! Mr. Perlman is very helpful, responsive and gives great advise. Has helped me understand more and more about the legal system. It's been a pleasure to be in contact. His staff is also very friendly and responsive. Thank you!
Brandon W.
Some time ago I had the opportunity to engage Daniel's form to help a family member of mine that was in a bit of a bind. This was after consulting another attorney regarding our options and plan of attack. At the end of the day, we felt that Mr. Perlman was there for us, not simply there for a number. He presented a couple of paths we could take and asked what the impact would be based upon potential sentencing, settlements or outright dismissals. The other attorney simply gave us 'here is where we are going to go' which as it happened, was option 3 from Mr Perlman.

We received a more than satisfactory resolution to our case and are grateful for Mr Perlman's advice and attention to the care.
Michael C.
Look no further. When seeking an attorney to represent your best interests, go with Daniel Perlman. Daniel is a professional and his staff is first rate.
Mike O.
First let me start by thanking Mr Perlman and his team. My wife and I are very grateful for all the the help we received from you.

My wife was charged with dui felony facing prison time and Mr. Perlman did a great job representing my wife in court. He was able to keep my wife out of prison.During the process Mr Perlman was very supportive, responsive and professional. If you're considering legal advice for whatever it may be, your first call should be to Mr. Perlman.AMAZING LAWYER HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Metkel Z.
Mr. Perlman has been a godsend in my now closing case. He had my case dropped from a wobbler misdemeanor to an infraction. He's been communicative on important updates, showed up to each hearing and given me the most sensible advice possible. I'm truly blessed to have found Mr. Perlman's office. If you're stuck in any scenario where you're looking at a case, call Mr. Perlman, you will not regret it.
Jose A.
Daniel was a terrific criminal attorney in Los Angeles. He was reliable, personable, efficient and an excellent communicator!
Diji B.
If you need to find a lawyer that knows his business, this is him. Profesional and reliable. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. I am very satisfied with his services. It was worth every penny.
Reina M.
These are great people to have on your side when you make a mistake and end up in a legal jam. The team helped me step-by-step and we're very sensitive to my emotional state at that time. (Jamie is amazing) They got to the very bottom of my case and always returned my phone calls promptly. Daniel won my case! I was referred to him through a friend that was in a similar situation. He won her case as well! He's a great criminal defense lawyer that gives 150% and is reasonably priced. His offices are in Hollywood! BOOKMARK his page. You never know when you need an attorney.
Christina M.

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