When Do Drug Charges Become Federal?

When Do Drug Charges Become Federal?

By: Daniel Perlman | November 3, 2022 | Federal Defense

Being involved in a drug crime can cause many problems, but being charged with a federal drug crime can carry far more serious consequences. These cases may lead to severe fines and much longer prison sentences.

Whether a crime is charged at the state or federal level depends on factors like the quantity and type of substances involved, where the crime occurred, and whether state lines were crossed.

When it comes to federal drug crimes, with the stakes so high, it is crucial to seek the help of an experienced legal professional who can help you defend against these charges.

Key Takeaways

  • While state drug crimes usually involve manufacture and possession, federal drug crimes tend to be related to the transport of substances across state lines, distribution, or sale via the U.S. Postal Service or on other government property
  • Federal court procedures can differ significantly from those of state courts, so having an attorney who is well-versed in defending in the federal system is key
  • Any prior drug history can greatly impact the severity of your federal drug crime charges; an experienced lawyer will understand how to best deal with these challenges

What is the Difference Between a State and Federal Drug Charge?

State and federal drug charges can carry many different penalties, with the latter usually being the most serious.

Federal drug charges usually involve the movement of higher quantities of drugs across state borders.

While state drug charges tend to involve the manufacture of illicit substances and possession, federal crimes are usually related to the distribution of drugs.

When a crime involves transporting drugs across state lines, it is more likely to be charged as a federal crime. Likewise, Suppose the sale of these drugs occurs on government property, or the transport or operations involve the U.S. Postal Service or private mail carrier. These also may fall under the category of federal crime.

Federal drug crimes carry harsher penalties than state drug crimes in relation to fines and time served in jail.

Why You Need an Experienced Federal Drug Crime Lawyer

An Experienced Attorney Knows How to Defend Against Different Types of Federal Drug Crimes

It is important to have someone representing you who knows how to best defend against the most common federal drug crimes, including drug smuggling, drug trafficking, distribution, importation and exportation, and drug manufacturing. Even planning a drug crime such as those listed may be enough to change someone with drug conspiracy, which is also a federal crime.

If a drug case ends up on trial, it’s the prosecution’s responsibility to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime was committed. This includes establishing your participation in the crime and knowing that the substance you were handling was a controlled substance. A seasoned defense attorney should be able to determine the best strategy for your case. They will have done extensive homework to understand your case and build the strongest defense possible.

The Procedures for the State Court are Very Different From Those of the Federal Court

Understanding the federal court process and procedures thoroughly is essential to mounting an effective defense. A seasoned federal drug crimes attorney will have the know-how to navigate the federal court system and give you the best chance of winning your case or having charges dropped.

Any Prior History of Drug-Related Crimes May Subject You to Harsher Penalties

While the facts of the case will play the most significant role in how the crime is charged, any history of drug-related crime can severely impact your standing in the court. Working with a practiced defense attorney is especially important if you already have a criminal record. This is not the time to take any chances with the outcome of your case.

About Daniel R. Perlman, Los Angeles Drug Crimes Attorney

When Your Freedom and Livelihood are on the Line, You Need the Experience of a Practiced Attorney Like Daniel R. Perlman

A former prosecutor with years of experience fighting federal drug cases for defendants, Daniel R. Perlman is among California’s most experienced drug crime attorneys across the country. He and his team thoroughly investigate the nature of the crime that has been charged and ensure that your rights are fully intact. He can explain the likelihood of conviction of the case and what measures can be taken to lessen any penalties and punishments that might arise. He is known for his attention to all the details of a case and his compassion for his clients. He understands that this is often one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and the outcome of what happens in court can have far-reaching consequences.

Experienced in All Types of Federal Drug Crime Cases

Daniel R. Perlman has extensive experience in the federal courts defending clients against drug crimes. He and his team have fought charges related to:

They have years of experience successfully defending clients in federal drug crime cases.

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