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    If you are under investigation for a federal offense, or you have been indicted in federal court, you know you need an attorney to represent your case, but it isn’t always easy knowing who to hire or where to turn for help, especially if you have little to no experience with the federal criminal justice system. Being convicted of a federal offense can change the course of the rest of your life and you need an attorney on your side who will do everything in his power to keep that from happening. At Federal Criminal Defense Pro, our criminal defense lawyers have handled thousands of cases for people just like you who have been accused of committing a crime and need help proving their innocence. Whether you have been arrested for a federal offense, or you have just discovered that you are a target in a federal criminal investigation, our legal team can provide aggressive and compassionate legal representation at any stage of your federal case. Contact Federal Criminal Defense Pro as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation with our reputable federal crimes defense team.

    Knowledgeable Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

    The United States government takes violations of the law extremely seriously and criminal offenses are therefore punished harshly in the federal criminal justice system. And because parole is no longer available in the federal system, the vast majority of individuals convicted of federal offenses have little chance of being released prior to serving their entire prison sentence. If you have been charged with a federal crime, you may be able to avoid a conviction and maintain your freedom by presenting a credible defense strategy that either explains your actions or presents a story that challenges the prosecution’s version of events. Whatever federal charges you are facing, the key to a strong defense in a federal criminal case is an experienced and aggressive defense attorney. Formerly a prosecutor for the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office, Daniel R. Perlman of Federal Criminal Defense Pro has a great deal of experience handling difficult criminal cases and knows the best way to approach prosecutors and work out favorable deals for his clients. Facing criminal charges may feel like the end of the world, but with a knowledgeable federal criminal defense attorney handling your case, you can significantly improve your chances of getting your charges dismissed or reduced.

    Federal Crimes Cases We Handle

    Our seasoned defense attorneys at Federal Criminal Defense Pro have a proven record of success representing clients in a wide range of criminal cases tried in federal courts throughout the United States. The following are just some of the federal criminal charges we have experience defending against:

    Criminal Penalties Associated with Federal Offenses

    Being charged with any type of criminal offense can have serious consequences, but facing federal criminal charges can be particularly devastating, especially if you are innocent of the crime. Generally speaking, federal offenses are prosecuted much more aggressively than state crimes and the penalties associated with federal crimes are far more severe than comparable crimes prosecuted at the state level. Many federal criminal offenses carry years-long prison sentences and the most serious federal crimes are punishable by a life sentence in federal prison or the death penalty. Take first-degree murder, which is any murder “perpetrated by poison, lying in wait, or any other kind of willful, deliberate, malicious, and premeditated killing; or committed in the perpetration of, or attempt to perpetrate, any arson, escape, murder, kidnapping, treason, espionage, sabotage, aggravated sexual abuse or sexual abuse, child abuse, burglary, or robbery; or perpetrated as part of a pattern or practice of assault or torture against a child or children; or perpetrated from a premeditated design unlawfully and maliciously to effect the death of any human being other than him who is killed.” If you are convicted of first-degree murder in federal court, the punishment set forth by 18 U.S. Code § 1111 is death or imprisonment for life.

    What are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines?  

    The terms of imprisonment handed down by the court for specific federal criminal offenses are determined by the federal sentencing guidelines, which are non-binding rules that establish a uniform sentencing policy for criminal defendants convicted in the federal court system. The sentencing guidelines use a point system to determine the appropriate sentencing range for a particular offender, based on several factors, including the nature and severity of the crime and the offender’s criminal record. The higher the points, the longer the prison sentence recommended by the federal sentencing guidelines. While these guidelines are not mandatory, federal judges are required to consider the guidelines when determining the appropriate sentence for a criminal defendant, and in any case, where a judge chooses to deviate from the guidelines, the judge must provide an explanation for the increased or decreased sentence.

    What is a Mandatory Minimum Sentence?

    There are mandatory minimum sentencing laws in effect in the United States that set a minimum term of imprisonment for certain types of federal crimes, the most common being drug-related offenses. Under these laws, the mandatory minimum sentences for federal crimes involving illegal drugs and controlled substances regulated by the Controlled Substances Act or the Controlled Substances Import and Export Act range from imprisonment for a year to imprisonment for life, depending on the alleged offense. The exact minimum sentence assigned to a specific drug crime in the United States varies based on the nature of the crime, the type and amount of the drugs involved, the defendant’s criminal record, and the existence of any aggravating factors, such as any resulting injuries or death, which can lead to sentencing enhancements. For instance, the mandatory minimum sentence for trafficking in 100 grams or more of heroin is five years, while the minimum sentence for trafficking in one kilogram or more of heroin is 10 years. If the defendant is a repeat offender, or if death or serious bodily injury occurs as a result of the crime, the minimum sentence increases accordingly.

    How are Federal Crimes Different from State Crimes?

    If you have been accused of committing a crime, you may be wondering about the differences between state crimes and federal crimes. Most criminal offenses in California are state crimes and are therefore tried in state courts. However, there are certain criminal acts that violate both state and federal law and these crimes can, therefore, be prosecuted in state court or federal court or both, and there are also crimes that are always tried in federal court. The federal criminal courts were created under the U.S. Constitution and these courts have jurisdiction over criminal charges brought against a defendant by the federal government. Federal criminal charges can be brought against an individual accused of unlawful conduct if that conduct takes place on federal property, involves a federal agent, crosses state lines or international borders, or otherwise violates federal law. Generally speaking, any crime that is investigated by federal authorities can also be charged as a federal offense.

    There are thousands of federal statutes covering a wide variety of criminal offenses that can result in federal charges, including violent crimes like murder and homicide, white-collar crimes like embezzlement and money laundering, and drug-related crimes like drug smuggling and drug trafficking. Together, these statutes make up Title 18 of the federal criminal code (the United States Code), which is the main criminal code for the federal government. The laws listed in the U.S. Code are enforced by federal agencies like the DEA, IRS, and FBI, and are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office, which represents the United States government and is the chief prosecutor for the government in federal criminal cases.

    As you can see, the federal government establishes its own laws and court procedures, and the federal criminal justice system differs from the state court system in many ways. Even if you have been charged with a state crime in the past, facing a federal criminal charge is a very different issue altogether, requiring the expertise of a defense attorney who is intimately familiar with the federal criminal code and the most effective defense strategies to use in federal cases.

    Developing a Strong Defense in Your Federal Case

    If you have been accused of a federal crime and you feel like your life is over, you aren’t alone. The federal government is aggressive in its investigation and prosecution of federal crimes, and it can feel like the deck is stacked against you when you are facing the federal government in court. However, just because the government says you committed a crime doesn’t mean you did, nor does it mean that you will be convicted of the crime. Regardless of the criminal charge, the federal prosecutor can only get a conviction if it can prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. For instance, in order to prove that you conspired to distribute drugs, a violation of 21 U.S. Code § 846, the government must be able to prove the following specific elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt:

    • There was a conspiracy (i.e. an agreement between you and one or more others to distribute the drugs),
    • You knew of the conspiracy, and
    • You intentionally joined the conspiracy.

    How Our Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when faced with a federal criminal charge is underestimating how serious this type of charge can be and how severely your future could be affected by a conviction. If you have been accused of committing a federal offense, you need a criminal defense attorney in your corner who understands federal criminal law and has experience handling cases like yours in federal court. The consequences of a federal criminal conviction can be severe and long-lasting, and the last thing you want to do when faced with criminal charges is leave your future and well-being in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. At Federal Criminal Defense Pro, our lawyers have experience defending clients against a wide variety of criminal charges in the state court system in California and in federal courts across the United States, and we know what it takes to win a federal criminal case.

    When you hire a federal crimes defense attorney at Federal Criminal Defense Pro, you get a trusted legal advocate prepared to stand by your side, protect your rights and represent your best interests through every stage of your case, no matter how difficult the case may be. We are careful and thorough, and we will examine every aspect of your criminal charge in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and determine the best possible defense strategy based on your exact circumstances. It is, of course, our main objective to get the charges against you dismissed altogether. Barring that, we will use every resource at our disposal to get the charges reduced or secure a more lenient sentence. And if your case goes to trial, we will vigorously defend your rights to the fullest extent of the law. We know how traumatic it can be to face criminal charges in federal court, and we are here to ensure that you don’t have to face them alone.

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    Federal criminal charges can have devastating consequences for you and your loved ones. Not only does a conviction for a federal crime carry a possible prison sentence and costly fines, it can also ruin your reputation, cost you your job and your professional licensing, and label you a convicted offender. If you or someone you love has been arrested for or charged with a federal crime, don’t hesitate to seek qualified legal counsel. Federal Criminal Defense Pro represents individuals and businesses throughout the United States in federal criminal investigations, grand jury subpoenas, and federal criminal trials, and our defense attorneys can help you get the best outcome possible in your criminal case.

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