White Collar Crime Attorney

White collar crime attorney

The laws governing white-collar crimes at the state and federal courts levels are complex. They encompass a wide variety of situations and activities. As a result, you could face charges for a federal white-collar offense without even realizing that you committed a crime.

Facing allegations of financial crime is not something that should be taken lightly. At Perlman Defense Federal Criminal Lawyers, we recommend that any individual or business accused of a white-collar crime consider all criminal defense options. Common examples of federal crimes include money laundering and fraud.

We represent individuals and businesses in federal courts nationwide in cases involving white-collar crimes like fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering. We can also help you in your case or corporate investigations. Learn more about how federal law enforcement agencies conduct their internal investigations. Then, contact us to schedule a free case consultation.

Our aggressive tactics and effective defense strategies have earned us a reputation as a top federal criminal defense law firm. Now, we are prepared to represent you in your case. Contact our white collar crime attorney at Federal Criminal Defense Pro today to learn what we can do for you.

Our Aggressive White Collar Crime Attorney Will Defend Your Rights

Our Aggressive White Collar Crime Attorney Will Defend Your Rights

Federal law treats white-collar crimes extremely heavily. If you are facing charges for money laundering, misappropriation, embezzlement, or another white-collar crime, you need our professional help. We can help you put yourself in the best possible position to beat the charges and avoid a conviction. That means retaining a knowledgeable, trial-tested white-collar criminal defense attorney.

Government investigations, including those of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), are wide-ranging. They are comprehensive and will cover all areas. You need our team to help you.

What Is White Collar Criminal Defense?

White-collar criminal defense is a highly specialized area of criminal defense practice. Successfully defending against white-collar crimes like money laundering and misappropriation requires the experience of a skilled criminal defense attorney. 

We have experience handling white-collar cases in federal court. At Federal Criminal Defense Pro, our lawyers have a history of success representing defendants in various criminal cases in federal bureaus, including high-profile cases involving white-collar crimes.

You Deserve the Strongest Possible Defense

We know the importance of presenting a credible and compelling defense in these criminal cases. We are a top-rated federal criminal defense firm with experience defending all types of crimes, including securities fraud and healthcare fraud.

An Overview of White-Collar Crimes

An overview of white-collar crimes

White-collar crime, corporate fraud, or corporate crime is a general legal term for federal criminal offenses committed using some form of deception. These offenses are designed to result in unlawful financial gain, and some even violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

White-collar crimes are nonviolent, financially motivated offenses. Typically, they are carried out by those in positions of power and usually involve some type of fraud scheme, misappropriation, or violation of trust.

Types of White Collar Crime

Many different types of fraud and other financial crimes fall under white-collar criminal offenses. Most of these crimes can lead to charges being filed in federal court. Common examples include:

Punishments for White-Collar Criminal Offenses

White-collar crimes are typically non-violent offenses. They are often carried out through the use of some sort of deception, trickery, or misrepresentation. This sets them apart from "street" crimes, like murder, drug smuggling, and weapons offenses.

This element of deception makes these offenses so appalling in the eyes of the law. Although white-collar crime is commonly referred to as corporate crime, these crimes and the federal government's prosecution are not limited to multimillion-dollar corporations and finance executives on Wall Street.

Individuals and Small Businesses Can Be Targeted

Individuals and small businesses may also be the target or subject of a federal government investigation into white-collar crime. These offenses are prosecuted just as aggressively as any other federal offense. The government sees white-collar crimes like embezzlement and fraud as a threat to the economy, so they are typically charged at the federal level and punished severely.

Even though white-collar crimes are nonviolent, they carry some of the harshest criminal penalties under federal law. This is because the federal sentencing guidelines were established. Federal judges must consider this set of rules when sentencing an offender in federal criminal justice system.

Once you discover that Congress has eliminated parole for convicted offenders in the federal criminal justice system, the severity of the penalties for white-collar crimes becomes even more apparent and alarming.

Avoid the Harsh Punishments of White Collar Crimes

As you can see, the criminal punishment for white-collar offenses like fraud and money laundering is extraordinarily harsh. You need to take these charges extremely seriously. Suppose you are convicted of such a crime. In that case, you face considerable prison time, costly fines, and a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life.

This could affect your ability to secure a job or do business in the future. If you are a professional, you could be suspended, disbarred, or lose your license. That is what our attorneys are committed to keeping from happening.

If you want to keep your record clean, protect your career, and avoid spending time in prison, your best course of action is to find a reputable federal crimes attorney who can protect your rights. At Perlman Federal, we can represent your best interests throughout your case.

Presenting a Strong Defense in a White-Collar Case

Presenting a strong defense in a white-collar case

Because white-collar crimes generally don't result in any physical injury, many people think of these types of offenses as "victimless" crimes. But federal prosecutors take white-collar crimes extremely seriously.

Being charged with a federal crime like money laundering is serious. Proving your innocence can be stressful and frightening. But that is where an experienced criminal defense attorney's office comes in.

Government Investigations Into White Collar Crime

The federal government has considerable power and authority in criminal justice. It also has a great deal of time, money, and resources to devote to investigating and prosecuting white-collar crimes that threaten financial institutions and other government entities.

In fact, depending on the nature and scope of the case, federal authorities can conduct criminal investigations over the course of months or years. We have found that in federal investigations, prosecutors generally only pursue cases in which they are confident they can win. They want cases that will result in an indictment when put in front of a federal grand jury.

These elements make it particularly intimidating to face criminal charges in federal court. That being said, you should always remember that just because you have been accused of committing a crime doesn't mean you are guilty. This does not mean the prosecution can earn a conviction.

For the crime of money laundering, for example, that generally means proving the following elements of the offense:

  • You knowingly conducted or attempted to conduct a financial transaction with the proceeds of a specified unlawful activity;
  • To promote the carrying on of the specified unlawful activity, with knowledge that the transaction was intended to conceal or disguise the nature, source, control, or ownership of the proceeds of the specified unlawful activity, or with knowledge that the transaction was intended to avoid a transaction reporting requirement under federal law; and
  • The financial transaction affected interstate or foreign commerce.

When prosecuting white-collar crimes in federal court, the key to most criminal cases is proving that the defendant acted knowingly. Generally speaking, you cannot be convicted of a crime you had no idea you were committing. 

If your defense team can show that you did not act knowingly and with intent, you might be able to secure an acquittal at trial.

How Our Defense Attorneys Can Help

You'll need an attorney with experience handling these cases in federal court. That means trusting defense attorneys who are former federal prosecutors.

As a former federal prosecutor himself, attorney Daniel R. Perlman knows what the government looks for in criminal cases. He can use his extensive resources to present the strongest possible defense in your case, regardless of the seriousness of the charges.

We will negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf, challenge the evidence against you, and do everything in our power to get the charges against you dismissed or reduce the charges or penalties as part of a plea agreement.

Consult Our Lawyers at Federal Criminal Defense Pro Today

Consult our lawyers at federal criminal defense pro today

Facing federal charges for a white-collar crime can have devastating consequences for your career, finances, reputation, and future. If convicted of such a crime, you could spend decades in prison and pay millions of dollars in fines. Even after you serve your sentence, you will still carry the stigma of a white-collar criminal.

Unfortunately, just being accused of a white-collar crime like money laundering bank fraud or misappropriation could cost you your job and ruin your reputation. You might never even be convicted of the crime.

If you or someone you love has been accused of a financial crime by the federal government, don't wait to seek qualified legal counsel. Contact Federal Criminal Defense Pro today. Our white collar crime attorneys are ready to review your case. Remember, your first consultation is free.

Don't hesitate to call Perlman Defense, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, now at (818) 383-6692 for your no-obligation consultation.

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